How to Evaluate Your Billing Company

A how-to guide for anesthesiologists.

It’s nearly impossible for most anesthesiologists
to evaluate the performance of their billing company.

Here’s what you need to know.

Are you leaving 5-15% of your earnings on the table?

The truth is, medical billing isn’t rocket science. But it’s not a commodity product either.

Anesthesia billing services

Billing and revenue
cycle management

Anesthesia revenue management


Anesthesia consulting services

Accounting, payroll
& tax preparation

Anesthesia billing company

& bill paying

Anesthesia billing consultants


Anesthesia compliance services


Available services

We’re proud to provide billing services for over 400 anesthesiology providers nationwide.

Fusion Anesthesia has been helping Anesthesiologists increase their take-home amount for more than forty-five years. In addition to billing and revenue management, Fusion Anesthesia provides accounting, bill-paying, tax, and practice management services.

Questions about how we can improve your anesthesia billing?

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