Negotiating with payors and facilities is intimidating.

Find out how to arm yourself with the right data so you can advocate for yourself and maximize your take-home.

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  • Prepare for negotiations
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Anesthesia Contracts: How to Negotiate the Best Deal for Your Group


We often find anesthesiologists have contracted reimbursement rates that are 20-30% below market value.

Contracts are just one part of the puzzle.

We also provide comprehensive billing, revenue cycle management, and practice management services exclusively for anesthesiologists.

Contract Negotiation
Compliance & Quality Reporting
Accounting & Payroll
Bookkeeping & Bill Paying
Scheduling & Efficiency Analysis
Credentialing Support

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We’re proud to provide billing services for over 400 anesthesiology providers nationwide.

Fusion Anesthesia has been helping Anesthesiologists increase their take-home amount for more than forty-five years. In addition to billing and revenue management, Fusion Anesthesia provides accounting, bill-paying, tax, and practice management services.

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